Gamesblast 22

Today is the day we kick off 3 days of streaming from myself and the Shiney family raising money for a charity that is very dear to my heart.

I first got involved in Gameblast21 and it was my first charity fundraising experience as a streamer. A few months later in the Netflix documentary ‘Not a Game‘ where you were able to see what special effects do, I was so touched (yes I cried) seeing how amazing and important their work is.

Because of Special effects people can now play Minecraft with their eyes, play eyes gaze games, use bubble busters, play video games on a more level playing field.

None of this remarkable work comes cheap, though. So this weekend we will be throwing ourselves into a weekend of streaming to raise as much money as we can for this remarkable cause.

Keep an eye on #Gameblast22 on twitch & twitter to keep up with not just what we are doing, but also what the rest of the internet is doing!

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