Purry Furry Adventurry

The title drew me in, as did the idea I was cat going to wreck the city trying to escape my owner (I was assuming she was some overbearing Elmyra Duff type, so I decided to give it a go. You can see my first play here.

What immediately made us giggle where the graphics. The pink cat looks like Finn from Adventure Time in a cat disguise as he sneaks out the room (where the frigging door was left open) and out into the world to be NAWTY.

Anyone waiting for the Simons Cat baseball moment will sadly be disappointed

This is where we realised some oddities. Like, why does the owner essentially get HUGE, especially when compared to the buildings etc? Speaking of the buildings and environment we counted how many various of things there were before a repeat, and whilst it wasn’t Egg King levels of graphical laziness it was very very repetitive. A bit like the corridor section in the loading screen for Stuffed, it was fine but very limited.

As the cat you can move in all directions, attack & jump. Very easy controls to pick up. You can knock over bins, slap the birds and doggos all whilst making sure you don’t get splatted by cars. Its a perpetual running game like Run Sackboy! Run! but without the same finesse.

What was lacking was the Adventurry – that infers you might be able to take different paths or there are other environments, we didn’t really stick around long enough to see if this was the case as its definitely more a kids tablet game than it is an adults PC game.

Shiney rating
2.5 out of 5
Its nice enough for a simple perpetual running game for kids, but like Bash the Teacher we don’t know how much longevity there is in the game. Its currently just under £1 if you do have small kids that might enjoy it, though – and it is certainly more polished than other duo dev titles we have reviewed.

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