Mongrel – Early Access

You know I love South Park, right? So when the main premise of this game is dealing with trouble makers who get flushed down the toilet (howdy-how!) – I had to. You can see my first play here.

The story for this game is dark and detailed, but we love it. The intro video was one of the best we have seen in an indie game in a while and gets you so excited about the gameplay… but then it crashed, like 3 times (it is in early access so we persevered).
Obviously the way to solve the worlds woes is not to flush a group of people down the toilet and slap with an offensive slur of a name (when starred out I thought it said Millennials my bad), so when they do escape and shit really hits the fan (see what I did there), like, I don’t hate them – I get it.

The escapees do however poison the water so the fact you appear to be amphibious is a complete moot point ,because if you swim you die.

Visually this is a great little game, and whilst the colour pallet is seemingly initially limited, the attention to detail is excellent.

Sadly where this currently falls down is in the controls.
It doesn’t currently have controller support (early access) BUT the keyboard control layout in conjunction with needing the mouse (especially for a run > dash jump > shoot enemies) are just too much. Ducky even stepped in to see if he could do half the controls to make my life a little easier but for House Shiney right now, this isn’t in a comfortably playable state. Which is a MASSIVE shame as we like everything else about it, specialty with the story & premise being so original.

I am keeping an eye on Steam updates for this game, as I do want to go back and advance the story, but right now we can get past a few jumps for the layout of the controls, but as I have said it IS in early access so lets hope this gets addressed quickly as otherwise it will be a huge downer on what is a great little game and hold it back from doing as well as think it can.

Shiney rating
2.5 out of 5
It has the makings of an indie cult classic game but is currently let down by lack of controller support and really difficult keyboard/mouse combo. If those get addressed before its out of early access then I can see this being a game we’ll complete on stream.

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