Kamikaze Veggies – Early Access

I remember learning what Kamikaze meant when I was about 12. I was a on report at school for being a little shit and my music teacher at the time asked my why I was on a Kamikaze mission to get myself into as much trouble as possible.
Now I can do it as a vegetable… you can see our first play here.

You start off with an intro video which was interesting and possibly narrated by Morgan Freeman (in his sleep) and explained thousands of years after humans died out the world is now rules by sentient vegetables.
There was one Carrot Marx loving vegetable who ended up going a bit mad, Joseph Pommodorov – who used to be a good tomato until the sun turned him mad ( I happen to love eating sundried tomato’s but I can see how they aren’t for everyone). The bad tomato then starts blaming issues of the world on vegetables with different colour skin (read – not red), so he invents a GMO modified red pepper army to take over the world.

Its basically like evil communist red veggies enslaving all other veggies until the enslaves create an underground army of the bravest and craziest non-red veggies – the Kamikaze army, where you initially play as carrots.

Fairly interesting and different premise for a game, and we thought the intro video was really strong, it does set you up well for learning your place in all this and we were really happy to see split screen co-op, too. But the magic faded fast.

I felt the game handled in a fairly clunky way, the initial intro mission whilst explaining bits of gameplay did this without telling you what the control button was for that element. This meant we got caught very easily on the first sneaky part because we didn’t immediately know what button sneak was.

It was also very apparent that this was played better in a pair as one of you would always have to die so the other could push forward, but as there was not much in the way of checkpoints – so when you did make the ultimate sacrifice it was a seriously long slog back to the front line.

Its an incredibly inefficient way to battles ones enemies and I just cannot get past that, it would be beyond tedious as a solo player.

Shiney rating
2 paws out of 5
A colourful and original premise that is over shadowed by the ‘go back and start again’ game mechanic of having to always die. Better with a friend but probably mildly soul destroying as a solo-player. Its fairly well executed but elements like game mechanic intros leave much of it for you to suck-it-and-see. It is however still in early access so it will be interesting to see what future updates do to the overall play of the game.

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