I chose this one on Keymailer for Duck to play and review – its way more his bag than mine but after our first play you’ll see why it is I am doing the review instead.
You can watch the futile 13 minutes here, its worth if only for the comedy of Ducks commentary.

Warcos on Steam

After it was initially supposed to be released on the same day as RS6 Extraction (why you’d go up against a AAA I don’t know) it was for whatever unknown reason delayed for well over a week and I think that killed the game.

Its currently £8.29 for an early access copy – DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

It does not support controller, it does not have a player base and it does not have a responsive social media team.
What this is, is a scam, a money making sham.
This isn’t early access, this is you paying to do their fault finding and testing – but you can’t because there is no player base.

You can’t even play the fucking tutorial.

If you want a team shooter – get literally anything else.
Apex is free, go play Apex.

Shiney rating
0 paws out of 5
This isn’t a working game, its a waste of time.
But watch our highlight because its the most fun you can have with this game.

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