Not for broadcast

Having really enjoyed Organs, Please the idea of being a media puppet master totally appealed to me. So I requested this from Keymailer to see what it would be like, you can see my first play here.

Not For Broadcast - Wikipedia

Not since the 2015 Need for Speed game have I seen live action people in a game, and its still weirdly jarring. I say this as someone who loves the realistic captures of faces in games like LA Noire, but real people in games are odd (with the exception of Command & Conquer).
It instantly makes it feel, low budget? I can’t put my finger on it but I don’t like it and I really did try and get past it for this game.


The premise is that you are now inadvertently stuck doing the nightly broadcast because the person who can usually do it isn’t there… but he can stay on the phone the WHOLE time and guide you through (so why can’t he do it himself? or get there a bit later?).
There are a few games modes and I chose the most straight forward one, but you basically can’t fuck up your first night, so its just about learning the ropes.


The acting in the clips/segments you use is… interesting. Its funny for the commercials but for the main ‘news’ it more feels more forced. As for what you are actually showing the masses its not the control over the media or decision making you might have wanted from games like We Happy few (or if there is, we didn’t get that far). But its more just clicking the right thing at the right time before clicking the other right thing at the next right time.
Its less fun and more scripted formulaic.


In between broadcasts you can check out your archives and watch back shows – which seems like an entirely useless addition of a game mechanic to be honest. You also get these decision parts of the story, the first one was answering a questionnaire through the door. This gave a brief whiff of possible media control and oversight from a newly elected government but it was very very slow.
It was also a bit of a cop out in terms of what you were given on screen, despite someone ‘coming round’ you never saw them, or yourself. It was just long shots of rooms followed by text – which serves to make the live action people even more jarring.

Sadly the game title is its own worst enemy, it is not for broadcast its not fun to watch someone else play this game and therefore is a death sentence in and of itself for streamers.

I fully get what it was trying to achieve and the premise is fine but it just doesn’t feel polished enough and its too predictable in terms of content – the ads were the funniest bit. I see the reviews on steam are positive and maybe I just didn’t give it enough of a chance but I did get bored, quickly.

Shiney Rating
1.5 paws out of 5
They took an interesting and fairly unique gamble but I just don’t feel it has paid off. I cannot recreate the joy of ‘Not the 9 O’clock news’ or control the media like certain countries still do now. It suffers from an inconsistent style between segments and an over all very low low budget feel.
It might be for some people, but its not for me & at nearly £20 be sure this is something you want before you buy it.

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