Humble Choice – February

I know its later into the month BUT here are Febs games from Humble.

Borderlands 3 & Borderlands 3: Directors cut
PSN gave you the Tiny Tina DLC as a stand alone game this month, Humble goes TWO better with both the full version and the directs cut of this epic 2k game. The directors cut adds a raid boss, extra story missions & behind the scenes extras.
I bloody love the borderlands series! If you are new to the games make sure you check out the second game story before you jump into BL3. Still holding out as hugely poplar on steam with over 80% of its reviews being positive.

Black Book
This is both RPG and a card game, and I love me both.
Gorgeous graphics are a treat for the eyes as you explore Salvic folktales, following the story of a young sorceress who gave her life to serve the dark forces. 94% of steam adore this game too!

Per Aspera
A planet sim for the terraforming of Mars where you play as AMI the artificial consciousness. Balance resources and connect the whole planet ready for the humans once it is in habitable.
74% of steam have really enjoyed playing AI god so far!

Just Die Already
This is an old peoples sandbox where you fuck shit up… as a pensioner from the creators of the weird and wonderful Goat Simulator. No one is having kids anymore and there are no pensions because of millennials – so try and survive! 75% of steam liked it too!

Before we Leave
A hex based very cute city building game from Team 17. Explore six different biomes and help your newly emerging people. You build for them and gather resources, keep people happy and research. I love games like this SO MUCH. 79% of steam feel its worth it, too.

Paradise lost
No, not the book but a very different take on WWII where it lasted 20 years and eventually the Nazi’s hit the nuke button, irradiating Europe and making it inaccessible to the rest of the world. 72% of Steam think its worth exploring.

This game looks like elements of Guitar hero… on acid.
Partake in music battles over a game that lasts about 5-6 hours where things get… weirder. 96% of steam love it, so its clearly doing something right.

Its a very cutesy community sim game where you need to rebuild the towns cat café and fill it with creatures. Its suppose to make you feel warm and fizzy inside, defo not my kinda game but clearly people who do like this, love it with 90% positive reviews on steam.

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of Feb over on the Shiney_Cat channel. Or if you can’t wait that long, click on the pic below!

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