Startup Panic

This reminded of Game Dev Tycoon back from 2013, so when I saw this on Keymailer, I had to request.
You can see the first play here.

Startup Panic

Basically the game blurbs covers most of it so I am just going to break down how each part played into the overall experience.

  • You decide how each project goes and what to focus on
    Yes and no, unless you have a backer and then basically call the shorts, or if you are limited by research, staff numbers or skill.
  • Spend a week training your staff, or earning money, or building features… but choose wisely!
    Agreed, I found early on spanning contracts and then widening out into marketing mean you never really went into the red so you could balance development of your app with the development of your staff. Training staff is MUCH cheaper than getting people in with good stats across the boards and if you stay out of the red you don’t have to fire fight by doing lots of contract jobs.
  • Upgrade your company in the skill tree: Will you take longer vacations or cheaper air-co?
    Your staff are everything, I opted for more motivation/cheaper holidays/cheaper research & marketing and it seems to have done well. I don’t really feel the overall impact of the office furniture and some add ridiculous costs to your month budget.
  • Hunt for new employees and hire the ones that fit your style: Social butterfly? Marketing expert? Lone Wolf?
    Your CEO is best focusing on marketing, its the easiest stat to improve but group training comes with HUGE benefits. Any of the lazy traits request more holiday time and seem more likely to get kidnapped. Which is.. irritating.
  • Compete with rival CEOs for new users in your region, and then expand out by building new headquarters on a world map!
    The world map stuff was not clear at all. I didn’t really take notice of it until 3rd or 4th playthrough but its there way to keep your monthly income high and your market share high. That in turns makes you never fall into the red so you have to rush to do contract jobs.
  • Hurting for cash? You can take out a loan or search for investors, but don’t think it’ll come for free…
    Investors are bossy, I never bothered or needed bank loans – you can do this totally by being self sufficient.

There is so much to balance in this game and its only now on my 5th go through I think I finally have it all down. Its a game I have already lost hours of my life to (happily) and I keep going back for more. Its very rare this happens to me with review games but this is the sort of thing that hooks me, and hooks me hard.

Slow and steady wins the race is the way forward on this, I only just need 5 developers for new features now, so I am only now about to move to the huge office. I rushed here before and found myself bleeding money (I am in year 5).

Probably the most addictive game I have gotten as a result of Keymailer so far.

Shiney rating
4 out of 5
Its an addictive and re-playable awesome little game. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I think the tutorial is too basic to give you the tools you really need to balance it all and explain where your focus should fully be. That and furniture doesn’t seem to make any difference.
At least the ghost haunting the office is happy with me now. Look out for the tiny details, they were clearly added with love.

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