Hardware: SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset

After my experience with Turtle Beach and the shit show that was the Razer Kraken Kitty – I opted for a community recommended brand that had great reviews when compared against the two mentioned already this week.
So it with was some nerves I purchased my second headset in a week whilst I waiting for my return of the Kraken Kitty to be processed. It was expensive (say essspensssive in that voice like when you don’t want to admit how much the thing was because its not quite buyers remorse but it is like “oh god”).

 Angled view of headset with RGB illuminated and microphone retracted.

USB connection, so works with any device that has a USB connector
Speaker frequency 20Hz – 220000Hz
Speaker Size 40mm
Active noise cancelling microphone (discord certified bidirectional with noise cancellation)
Airweave Ear pads
RGB lights
Weight 0.277 kg

Aside from the astounding sound quality, bass, noise cancellation and 7.1 directional surround (amazing for Dead by Daylight) the thing that really fuck won this over for us (as huge fans of couch co-op games) is the SHARE jack. yeah. Duck can plug his headset into mine to share the sound for co-op games or for when he wants to hear audio when I am streaming in real time. Fucking game changer.

Its light, its comfortable and it has a super generous cable for moving around and that’s all before you start looking at the discord approved chat integration with everything else. Its just a blinding piece of kit.
What I also really like is that you can order spares or replacements affordably for basically every removable component of the headset – meaning its lifespan is HUGE.

Out of the three headsets we have looked over the last 3 reviews, my newest addition is hands down the best. It is so comfortable for hours, with glasses.

Its pricey but my fucking god its worth it. Even the mic is good!

Shiney rating
4.5 paws out of 5
I don’t know why its taken me so long to get round to trying Steel Series and I thank my community so much for the advise. Its just pure quality and comfort. In over a week of very heavy use its come on top against Turtle Beach & Razer. With swappable parts and a better online forum community that actually gets listened to.

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