The story of Bill Bear

When i first saw this on Keymailer, I thought this could be like Limbo, its simple mostly black & white graphics and the promise of a visual novel. You can see the first play here.

When is a game not a game? When is a novel not a novel? IN THIS digital offering which is totally lacking in both departments.

You start on a park bench trying to go home, you start off on your journey, you meet a rabbit and give him a sock ear, you find your house, you see the parents talking about why are you with the little boy, you are put back on his grave.


That’s it.

That’s the whole damn thing.

We even went back through it 2-3 times to see if we had missed anything, and apparently we missed 3 things but they would not have added ANYTHING to the overall experience.

It is so underwhelming and disappointingly short that the use of the word novel in the game blurb is frankly offensive.

Its a short and frankly depressing tale of a dead boy without his bear.

How did he die?
Why did he die?
Why was he only 5?
Who knows.

Lets also take a minute to appreciate how poor the initial music quality was in the game, some viewers thought it was on purpose but its the sort of washed out tinny music bandwidth you get when your internet struggles, IN A GAME.

I might appreciate what they had done if it was just a bit longer or had something more to do, but I do not understand at all why all the reviews seem to be positive when it was over in minutes. Even looking back the stream achievements I got all but 1 without even trying…!

Shiney rating
0 paws out of 5.
The graphics were nice, the audio quality was very poor in places. It is overall far too short.
Save your money.

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