Electrician Simulator – First Shock

I guess I should explain why I chose this game off Keymailer. My dad (when he was alive) was an electrician, and I knew how to change fuses and rewire plugs before I had even started secondary school. I was the only girl in my electronics class (and eventually a sexist teacher forced me to move to food tech) but I still own a soldering iron and I still tinker with with Arduino and bread board. So I approach this by wondering just exactly how realistic is was going to be. You can see my first play here.

What immediately and jarringly stood out to me was the use of sexist language in this fucking game, its father and son. Its 2022 and it assumes you’re a god damn dude… like why? I know plenty of female and non-binary gamers who play simulation games, but you were constantly reminded you were a dude, because apparently only guys have an interest in electronics and taking stuff apart – “well done ‘son’. Fuck sake. That’s not where the irritation ended, either.

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It also has no controller support, so as well as being stuck in the past with gendered language it also hasn’t caught up to the fact nearly every single game that comes out on PC now has some sort of controller support. SO between the holy-camera angles action Batman and the clunky WADS it just wasn’t fun – and I watched Jinx play Powerwash Simulator for fuck sake.

Before we could even complete the first task I had huge issue with the camera sensitivity, and I saw this as someone plays Dead by Daylight on 100% I had to turn this nausea inducing spin-fest down to 0, yes 0, to make it bare-able. What the fuck?
The stream also was not a big fan, and essentially gave up with the game at the point I did, at the whole having to cable in lights.

I am someone who really likes taking things apart and putting them back together, but there was nothing fun about this. It was formulaic and it was tedious. Both myself a people watching me stream this know electronics and take great JOY in dismantling things and fault finding & soldering – there is no joy here. There is boring tedious bullshit with crappy camera angles and a unintuitive inventory.
If I am only holding 1 screwdriver – why isn’t it automatically equipped? Why do I have to choose it every time?

I suppose it could work better if it was played in VR for the ‘immersion’ but the core mechanics of the game are just a bit naff.

I mean its currently free on steam so why not pick it up and try it out for yourself but both House Shiney and the Shiney Family stream give this a massive NOPE.

Shiney Rating
1 out of 5
Its free but its not fun, undertones of old school sexism with no nod to most modern day games having controller support. There are other better simulation games, this is not one of them. Powerwash simulator is better… and I really mean that.

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