Noble Fates

This game had a main page on keymailer splash, and it was the graphics that drew me in with the little green people and the fun premise, you can see the first play here… the first play of lies, and the last play because so many fucking sighs.

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In theory this game means you are a Demigod, Kontra, with supposedly the ability and power to influence people. I say in theory. At the start you pick one of the 3 characters before you to make ruler and you’d think the ruler would then issue orders and sit back to watch everyone else work. No. No. No. This is the not the case but if it is the case the control mechanics over your people are SO SHIT that as the ruler, I was the one doing all the fucking work. I couldn’t control anyone else – and not for lack of trying.

That wasn’t even my first issue with the fucking game, I feel had been totally lied to by the advertising.
Let me show you what I mean.

This is from their page on Keymailer:


This is nice right? Colourful… smooth. Dynamic even.
It almost matches the cartoon banner for this game with the colour pallet etc.
SO imagine my irritation when I was playing this game and the graphics were more like this:

Why is this little dude not green, for a start? Also this is one of the sods that would be like “oh tree over there btw” and then do NOTHING to help. Couldn’t control anyone other than the ‘ruler’, which got real old, real fast.

Okay, I know its early access so I should chill a little, right? Well no. If you can’t control people to do what you want and influencing people is supposed to be like the key thing then there is no playing this. It wasn’t ready for early access, early access was rushed. Maybe its just me as the positive seems to outweigh the negative on the Steam reviews but I just don’t think its playable in its current form.

My stream asked me to call time on playing this probably 10 minutes before I did, because it also wasn’t an enjoyable experience for them. Too many control issues, and no sense of plot being implemented in game. I will give it another look if it ever goes to ‘beta’ or final, if it does. With such a high early access price tag I wonder if it won’t just be another one of those games that stays there to bring in cash ready for the next project, as we have seen so many times before.

Shiney rating
1 paw out of 5
In its current state I feel totally misled by the screenshots and artwork from the developers and publishers. To find this game is nearly £20 on EARLY ACCESS is laughable. Just wasn’t an enjoyable or polished experience. The potential is there but its so far away from the happy green marketing cartoons that I don’t have much faith in it getting there.

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