Chef’s tail

For those of you who know the channel, you know my darling ginger boy Chuckie, so when I saw the focus of this game was an adorable ginger cat I HAD TO! This is also serving as my first cat based game adventure and giving me something cat based to play as I continue to wait for Stray.

You can see the first playthrough here.


I am mildly confused by the premise of this game. Which wasn’t helped by a lack of proper intro scenes or context – so relying solely on the information on the game page I know that I am a cat who is somehow responsible for making food… for ghosts.

The game blurb would have you believe that you are a ” ferocious beast, a guardian of the underworld, the untamed and wild cooking cat”. You’re not. You get bossed around by an old lady and have an indoor bed to sleep on. That doesn’t sound untamed to me. Nor can I get past the logical flaw with a cat that cooks but has no thumbs so how the fuck does it cook?

Also, why do ghosts need fruit salad? Why are we even in the underworld? How did we get here? How long are we staying for? It just doesn’t make much sense but regardless of that I went and ploughed on with the first ‘quest’ and collected my fruit, somehow made it into a salad and somehow carried it up to the window to sell to these… underworld travellers.


Aside from the weird plot, my biggest complaint about this game is the control mechanic for movement. No WADS, no controller just press and hold the left click in the direct you move – which is HORRIBLY linear. I am cat, why can’t I slink under barriers or jump up where I want to? Why does it have to be so prescribed? It basically feels like this should be a mobile game with how limited you are in your ability to control where you go and what you do.

It is also an incredibly slow game, it is so slow in fact someone watching the stream actually said I should make snippet videos of the gameplay to help people FALL ASLEEP. After the second ‘mission’ I was done. It all just feels too small and too prescribed. The addition of the thieves when you have finally managed to make some food just served as an arbitrary obstacle to overcome.

I wanted to like it, I really did – but its just not engaging enough. I have never had my audience tell me how boring a game is to watch before I played this game.

Shiney rating
0 Paws out of 5
This game was not enjoyable for me, or my streaming audience. I know its a demo at the moment but without some serious changes to the movement mechanic it is a slow and illogical slog of a game. I may go back to it on nights I can’t sleep to see if it can serve another purpose.

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