This is the first game that I saw on keymailer that wasn’t available, so I tweeted the developer Nibb Games and asked for a copy. I was really happy when they responded with a key and we had our first play through a few days back, you can watch it here.

The premise is simple and explained via a very entertaining introduction video at the start, where you (the duck) have just but one crown on your shelf and as you look outside you see smug herons with their crowns and hatch a plot to basically stab them up and steal the crowns. It is a simple and entertaining premise.

Game play takes place over 50 levels in 3 different zones. With simple and clean graphics that are really pleasing to look at and a nice if albeit a little repetitive soundtrack. At the time of writing this we are up to level 25 and we really want to finish the game (I also only need 9 more achievements to get this game on 100% so I am very motivated).

Shineyducky said that this game reminds him of early Zelda where you would have to sneak past guards to get to the Princess. Which is very high praise indeed! I felt like it was a cute version of Metal Gear solid with the stealth and hiding.

I also really love the fact this game encourages controller use, and slowly adds in new game mechanics and lets you test them with brief tutorials before you are given them in a level. We have not long acquired the slingshot for distracting the guards, and prior to this hiding in bushes and using push-able blocks were all integrated seamlessly. The only one we ‘figured’ out for ourselves was the going quieter when you walked, which makes you slower but does mean you can shimmy around guards easier.

This game is simply a bundle of fun. Its challenging without being impossible, and the fun to cost ratio is amazing – I strongly encourage you to pick up this game!

Shiney Rating
4 out of 5 Paws

This game is fun, simple and entertaining. It provides a good and taxing challenge for veterans of platformers. We love the plot and the game mechanics and for £1.69 its an amazing cost to fun ratio (which is what we look for in our indie games). Well worth a look, probably a little too hard for the kids but you can show them how awesome you are at games with this Psycho Duck!

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