Examination Chambers

Another Keymailer success story!

In a bundle of games that I decided to review, Examination Chambers came in the middle. After two really bad games, and one that didn’t even work, this game despite only being half an hour long was amazing.
While this game isn’t flawless or ground-breaking, it had similar homely tones of Portal/Portal 2 and The Stanley Parable which made it an absolute pleasure to play and genuinely made me follow the game developer on Steam so I can be notified of further games.

Examination Chambers is a charming Portal-esque game, with similar chatty characteristics of GLaDOS and The Narrator from the Stanley Parable. The game focuses on you, a willing test subject in a seemingly confined series of test rooms, solving simple pressure plate puzzles. All puzzles of which have themes, chatty commentary on the nature of the situation that you’re in, the fact you’re in a closed space being a guinea pig and other references to different games and movies. The announcer also seems to have a problem making up their mind as to whether you’re the best tester so far, or the worst, which they then reveal you’re the only tester.

There is honestly little else to say about this game. As this was only a 30 minute experience and the entire game was just pressure plate puzzles, it does not mean it was lacklustre at all, it just means that there is little to comment on asides from the fact that it is genuinely a game that would make you excited for the developer’s further prospects. As after all, I feel as this is just the dev dipping their toes into different aspects of game making and comedy, and I strongly recommend they keep this amount of comedy and implement it in a full game.


  • Game works and functions as it should, doesn’t explode my GPU.
  • Game has an amazing sense of wit, charm and humour which bundles altogether make an amazing comedy piece for a game, and would be lovely so see as a fully-fledged game experience. (Would argue it would rival The Stanley Parable).
  • Artwork is consistent and makes sense all the way through, styling is appropriate for the location that the character is in.
  • All sound effects and ambient music are used in a great way to give the player a sense of the location and fit the effect they are used for.
  • All puzzles are unique in the game. Any reused puzzles are there for delivering comedy, not for filler.
  • All lines from the Announcer are communicated cleanly and there is little need for subtitles. However, subtitles are provided which is a lovely bonus.
  • Great weird mechanic I had never considered before. Use two blue blocks and use the weird transformer tool to make it into 1 red block and vice versa. Interesting way to spice up puzzles.


  • Only one of the puzzles I struggled doing, this was because it was actually unsolvable and was not hinted to that I was to break a wall and escape the room. I may have missed it, but I feel as if there was maybe only one audio cue for me to hear to tell me it’s the wall.
  • The game is a little devoid of colour. It does make use of the colours it has and I understand the lack of colour, but for me it’s maybe the only unappealing thing visually.
  • Game was over too quickly. I want more of the game.
  • Picture of a seal was my reward. Seals are cute but.. Was a bit “meh”.

Overall, this game holds the future of this developer. Using the concepts similar to other games to develop and expand on ideas whilst showcasing your own talents, comedy and style is the way forward. Not everyone might agree with it, but when you’re only charging £1.69 for an experience like that, it’s worth playing and experiencing what a new, upcoming developer like this has to offer. Not only that, but check out if they’ve made anything beforehand, check that out too!

Shiney Rating
4 Paws Out Of 5

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-09-24__1_-removebg-preview.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-09-24__1_-removebg-preview.png

Truly a peak into the future prospects of the developer and where their work could take them. A portal-type game with the sass of The Stanley Parable with it’s own unique spin and puzzles. A joy to experience and an interesting question towards future developments.

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