Humble Choice: December

After seeing the last few frankly shit months offerings from PlayStation – once again Humble Bundle provides a serious breath of fresh air. These are the final offerings as part of Humble Choice for 2021. Interested? Head to Humble Bundle with my link OR hang around the channel to see if you can win one of these games during the weekly follower Friyay giveaways!


House Shiney was massively taken with this game, so much so it has its own review. Cannot recommend this game enough, its great fun with such a brilliant and original premise of being a MOTHER FUCKING SHARK!!! Yeah some of it is far fetched, but who cares? Its fun, and its worth the entire cost of the December bundle before anything else and 96% of Steam agrees!


This is both a first and third person multiplayer hack and slash. It impressively boasts up to 64 players as mercenaries in a fictional setting. Its not my cup of tea, but if you are a fan of medieval type battles this seems like it would be a good fit. With over 76% positive reviews on Steam is it probably worth a look.

Endzone – A world apart

Its now (2021) and a terrorist plot has blown up nuclear power plants around the world. Obviously this creates utter fucking chaos. 150 years later when man can finally return to the irradiated earth, is where you begin with everyone under your command (no pressure) Serious S.T.A.L.K.E.R vibes crossed with The 100. 89% of people on Steam think you should give this a go too.

Beyond the wire

Another war style game this month from humble and one that seems to be a recurring theme within the industry. Probably easier to look back at wars that involved people to think of what WWIII might be like with the disconnected drone bullshit, , then Beyond the Wire is for you. This a large scale FPS that feels like the COD & Battlefields set in a similar time, with 79% of Steam agrees.

Partisans 1941

Keeping with the war theme, this is set in 1941 but is differently complex in that is has many aspects such as stealth, base building, resource management AND action! Its interesting as you follow a red army commander who escapes a Nazi prison camp and forms a squad full of soldiers that were left behind enemy lines. I love the rag tag vibe of this and 84% of Steam agrees this is well worth a go.

The Survivalists

I have been aware of this game for a while but never gotten round to playing it, so I am so excited to finally have this land in my lap. Its all about the Island adventure without ended up going a bit down the Tom Hanks chatting to yourself via the joy of a ball. It is SUCH a cute game where you can either play on your own or with friends. 85% of Steam dig it too!

Lacuna – A Sci-fi noir adventure

This gives me vibes of the book ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’ by Philip K Dick. You are an agent who is looking to solve a murder on these unforgiving dystopian streets. The story forms based on your choices, so once you have decided something there is zero going back. Its a really slim line version of an adventure game. With as yet, not a single criticism with 100% positive reviews on Steam.

8 Doors

This is such a gorgeous niche little game, influenced by Korean folktales into the style of an action platformer. It reminds me a lot of Limbo in that you are going through the realms of the afterlife. You are looking for your fathers soul in the after life so you can take it though the 8 doors of purgatory. Not a light hearted game! 88% of Steam think this is worth a look.

Greak: Memories of Azur

This is a side scrolling HAND DRAWN animated single player game. It is unbelievably adorable to guide the 3 siblings through Azur and alternate between each sibling with their unique abilities. With a live orchestral sound track as you reunite the three siblings it seems like another great offering from Team 17, and 88% of Steam agrees.

Fling to the finish

This game looks like it could cause some serious arguments in house Shiney. It looks like an even more chaotic version of fall guy as you have to work together on each end of your elastic rope to get to the finish line in a series of weird and wonderful levels. 96% Of Steam agree this game is great fun! Look out for our stream of it soon!


With graphics very similar to the style of Don’t Starve Together, this game takes you through various fish planets as you attempt to solve puzzles. You are both the girl and her robot altern ego and together you will finally uncover the secret of the mysterious engine that powers their world. Another game Steam loves with 96% positive reviews.


Very old style graphics for this 8-bit reminiscent shooter with dynamic boss fights. It seems to be seriously fast paced with a great deal of customization to suit your own play style. This is another game with a huge Steam backing of 99% and is well worth a look.

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of December over on the Shiney_Cat channel.

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