PlayStation plus games: December

Ah December, the month of merriment and giving to fellow man. Where kids wait in wonder to see if they get lovely presents in their stocking from Santa or lumps of fucking coal.
What did we get off Sony? FUCKING COAL.

Yet another sub-par bollocks line up of games 3 of which you can’t have unless you have VR.
Lets start off with the ‘main’ attraction then, shall we?

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Godfall Challenger Edition

This is not even the full game. Yeah you heard me, ITS NOT EVEN THE FULL GAME. Its the end of the game, no story. I don’t get it? Why the fuck do this. Unless you already owned the game this is pointless. Given that the game also came out a year ago it would’ve seemingly be fine to have that as the full free title, no? Apparently not. You just get the main game modes without the hours of story so you won’t have a levelled up character. Its fucking balls.

I CAN SWING MY SWORD! - Minecraft Song - YouTube

Mortal Shell

A full game from August of last year, which seems to be like so many other games in the Dark Souls style and game play mechanics. I am not a fan of these games and yet there nearly seems to be one like this every month (you know, lets swing big swords around to compensate for our tiny…). Yeah okay I may be bias because I find games like these boring but why do we need one like this *every* fucking month? Enough with the moody swords.

LEGO parenting memes we can really relate to - MadeForMums

Lego DC Super Villains

“Oh look, Cat Surely you can’t moan about this then? Its A Lego game! Its more like the games you like. Right?” I fucking can. Its three years old and Lego games have basically oversaturated what they do, requiring limited to zero skill to play them. Smash blocks, collect the things, rinse, repeat. Sorry Lego, I am so bored of your games, and have been since Avengers. And yes despite my love of all things DC comics, this is just… meh. I am looking forward to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, for playing on the ‘bad’ side.

Other mentions this month are the VR games: The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners; and Until You Fall. Which once again are wasted on my wonky eyes, and I cannot be arsed to buy a VR headset because I still think its gimmicky and I don’t have more money than sense.

I look loving at Game Pass for December and see some hope, and people actually being rewarded for what they pay. WAKE UP SONY.
My love for my PlayStation is now literally being held together by Sackboy and Sackboy alone.

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